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Gen AI Firewall: Cutting-Edge Security for Modern Threats

The Gen AI Firewall leverages advanced generative AI technology to provide unparalleled security for your systems.


Why Tumeryk AI Firewall

Tumeryk leverages advanced contextual dialog understanding to enforce role based access policies and swiftly addressing threats such as jailbreaks.

Adaptive protection for Generative AI systems

Flexible Control and Dialog Flow

The Tumeryk AI Firewall functions as a comprehensive set of protective mechanisms that guide and regulate the behavior of Generative AI systems. These guardrails continuously learn from user feedback and adapt to emerging challenges, enhancing the robustness and responsiveness of the AI system to evolving concerns.

Secure & custom AI deployment for Enterprises

Faster Time to Market with AI

Tumeryk AI Firewall enables enterprises to deploy a private instance of their model, mitigating risks and accelerating project go-live timelines. Policies can be customized to adhere to specific security and compliance guidelines.

Restricts LLMs to authorized Business Use.

Saving valueable resources

Tumeryk AI Firewall enforces restrictions on LLM usage, limiting access to authorized business use cases. This prevents personal use for disallowed topics or activities, conserving valuable company resources and reducing liabilities.

Protecting privacy with AI precision

Privacy Protection Filtering

The Tumeryk AI Firewall is engineered to detect and filter sensitive information in generated content, ensuring user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Multi-layered defense against LLM hijacking

Prevent Jailbreaks & Fact Checking

LLM systems can be compromised by techniques that undermine their built-in protections. Tumeryk fortifies against hijacking with a multi-layered defense strategy.

Navigating Generative AI risks effectively

Protect against the

Generative AI, often driven by advanced deep learning models like GPT-3.5, has shown remarkable prowess in producing human-like text, images, and audio. However, these models face several risks and vulnerabilities, including:

  • Misinformation: AI-generated content can be mistaken for genuine information, leading to misinformation and user confusion.
  • Bias and Discrimination: If trained on biased data, AI models can perpetuate and exacerbate social biases, resulting in discriminatory outcomes.
  • Privacy Concerns: AI models might unintentionally memorize and reproduce sensitive information from their training data, raising privacy issues.
  • Security Risks: Malicious actors could exploit generative AI to craft sophisticated phishing attacks or create deceptive fake content.
  • Legal Implications: Unauthorized use of copyrighted material or the creation of harmful content can result in legal challenges.
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Gen AI Leaders Trust Tumeryk

Business leaders agree Gen AI needs conversational security tools.

"Generative AI in natural language processing brings significant risks, such as jailbreaks. Unauthorized users can manipulate AI outputs, compromising data integrity. Tumeryk’s LLM Scanner and AI Firewall offer robust security, with potential integration with Datadog for enhanced monitoring"

Jasen Meece

President, Clutch solutions

"Data leakage is a major issue in natural language generative AI. Sensitive information exposure leads to severe breaches. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner detect and mitigate leaks, with the possibility of integrating with security posture management (SPM) systems for added security."

Naveen Jain

CEO, Transorg Analytics

“Generative AI models for natural language tasks face jailbreak risks, compromising reliability. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner provide necessary protection and can integrate with Splunk for comprehensive log management."

Puneet Thapliyal


"Adopting Generative AI in the enterprise offers tremendous opportunities but also brings risks. Manipulative prompting and exploitation of model vulnerabilities can lead to proprietary data leaks. Tumeryk’s LLM Scanner and AI Firewall are designed to block jailbreaks to keep proprietary data secure"

Ted Selig

Director & COO, FishEye Software, Inc.

"Data leakage is a top concern for natural language generative AI. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner maintain stringent security standards and could integrate with SIEM and SPM systems for optimal defense."

Senior IT Manager, Global Bank

Frequently Asked questions

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From understanding our AI applications to learning about our services, we've condensed the information you need to kickstart your exploration of this transformation technology.

The Tumeryk Gen AI Firewall uses advanced generative AI algorithms to identify and block potential security threats in real-time. It enhances security by learning from each threat attempt, constantly improving its ability to protect your systems from known and unknown vulnerabilities.

The Tumeryk LLM Scanner assists in managing large language models by performing thorough scans to detect any anomalies or potential issues. It supports multiple LLMs based on user roles and configurations, ensuring each model operates efficiently and securely within its designated parameters.

Tumeryk's Cloud Service provides enterprises with robust and scalable infrastructure for deploying and managing AI applications. It includes features such as role-based access control, virtual silo creation, multi-LLM support, and comprehensive policy enforcement visibility, all designed to enhance operational efficiency and security.

Tumeryk uses fact-checking alignment scores to identify and mitigate hallucinations, ensuring the accuracy of AI-generated content. Additionally, off-topic dialog controls are in place to keep interactions focused and relevant, enhancing the user experience and maintaining the integrity of the conversation.

Tumeryk uses fact-checking alignment scores to identify and mitigate hallucinations, ensuring the accuracy of AI-generated content. Additionally, off-topic dialog controls are in place to keep interactions focused and relevant, enhancing the user experience and maintaining the integrity of the conversation.