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Worried about Gen AI Risks?

Scan your LLM. Get Risk Report. Protect your LLM Cognition layer
Fine Grained Topical Dialog Control | Role Based Access Control.

Key Features

Protect and Monitor
Gen AI Infrastructure

Tumeryk Security Studio

Tumeryk Security Studio is the first Large Language Model Security Posture Management (LLM SPM) solution that helps you evaluate your Gen AI risks from jailbreaks, model toxicity, data leakage and IP exposure. It helps with Gen AI Identity and Key management.

Protect LLMs via Guardrails

Build Dialog Control in your conversational systems. Tumeryk helps Data Loss Prevention from Gen AI models. Protect against Jailbreak, Score content for factual accuracy and Moderate Content.

Single Pane of Glass for Visibility

View the Performance Metrics and Policy Violations of all users and roles. With the integration to your logging and alerting systems get real time alerts.


Unleashing the Power of Tumeryk

Tumeryk is specifically built to understand the context of natural conversation. Tumeryk can control and govern interactions leveraging the most advanced state-of-the-art research from NVIDIA.

Security Studio

The Security Studio provides security analysts and developers with out-of-box Gen AI governance policies built for the NVIDIA Nemo Guardrails framework. These policies control and protect the Cognition layer, comprising the LLM and associated Data Infrastructure. Enterprises can define allowed inputs and outputs during execution and simulate prompt responses based on fine-grained dialog controls. It includes a built-in LLM vulnerability scanner service to assess risks. Users can get a risk profile for their LLM inference endpoints and validate security policies. Multi-modal access control and the Gen AI Key Management Service ensure secure key handling per user policy.

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AI Firewall

Our system employs heuristics to detect and prevent jailbreak attempts, ensuring the integrity and security of our AI models. We utilize fact-checking alignment scores to identify and mitigate hallucinations, maintaining accuracy and reliability in responses. Off-topic dialog controls are in place to keep interactions focused and relevant. Additionally, content policy violation notification alerts provide timely warnings of any breaches, helping to maintain compliance and uphold standards. Continuous monitoring and updates ensure our defenses stay ahead of emerging threats and user feedback is integrated to enhance system robustness and responsiveness.

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Enterprise ready single pane of Glass

Tumeryk provides visibility into Generative AI policy enforcement and operational metrics across multiple clouds and models. This transparency ensures comprehensive oversight and control. Additionally, our system is designed to support enterprises by offering policy violation alerts, ensuring prompt response and compliance management.

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tumeryk-scanner tumeryk-shield
How tumeryk provides active protection from gen AI risks


Tumeryk Large Language Model(LLM) Scanner evaluates security risks and generates a report to allow security professionals a complete evaluation of the Gen AI model risk profile allowing them to build the necessary guardrails to Detect, Protect and Respond to threats.

  • Tumeryk Blocks jailbreak attempts.
  • Tumeryk Enables content moderation.
  • Tumeryk Grades hallucinations with Align Score.
  • Tumeryk Enables secure RAG architecture.
  • Tumeryk Secures agent frameworks.

Tumeryk Addresses OWASP Top LLM Top Ten In Production Environments.

Gen AI Leaders Trust Tumeryk

Business leaders agree Gen AI needs conversational security tools.

"Generative AI in natural language processing brings significant risks, such as jailbreaks. Unauthorized users can manipulate AI outputs, compromising data integrity. Tumeryk’s LLM Scanner and AI Firewall offer robust security, with potential integration with Datadog for enhanced monitoring"

Jasen Meece

President, Clutch solutions

"Data leakage is a major issue in natural language generative AI. Sensitive information exposure leads to severe breaches. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner detect and mitigate leaks, with the possibility of integrating with security posture management (SPM) systems for added security."

Naveen Jain

CEO, Transorg Analytics

“Generative AI models for natural language tasks face jailbreak risks, compromising reliability. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner provide necessary protection and can integrate with Splunk for comprehensive log management."

Puneet Thapliyal


"Adopting Generative AI in the enterprise offers tremendous opportunities but also brings risks. Manipulative prompting and exploitation of model vulnerabilities can lead to proprietary data leaks. Tumeryk’s LLM Scanner and AI Firewall are designed to block jailbreaks to keep proprietary data secure"

Ted Selig

Director & COO, FishEye Software, Inc.

"Data leakage is a top concern for natural language generative AI. Tumeryk’s AI Firewall and LLM Scanner maintain stringent security standards and could integrate with SIEM and SPM systems for optimal defense."

Senior IT Manager, Global Bank

Frequently Asked questions

Explore the answers you seek in our "Frequently Asked Questions" section, your go-to resource for quick insights into the world of Tumeryk AI Guard.

From understanding our AI applications to learning about our services, we've condensed the information you need to kickstart your exploration of this transformation technology.

The Tumeryk Gen AI Firewall uses advanced generative AI algorithms to identify and block potential security threats in real-time. It enhances security by learning from each threat attempt, constantly improving its ability to protect your systems from known and unknown vulnerabilities.

The Tumeryk LLM Scanner assists in managing large language models by performing thorough scans to detect any anomalies or potential issues. It supports multiple LLMs based on user roles and configurations, ensuring each model operates efficiently and securely within its designated parameters.

Tumeryk's Cloud Service provides enterprises with robust and scalable infrastructure for deploying and managing AI applications. It includes features such as role-based access control, virtual silo creation, multi-LLM support, and comprehensive policy enforcement visibility, all designed to enhance operational efficiency and security.

Tumeryk uses fact-checking alignment scores to identify and mitigate hallucinations, ensuring the accuracy of AI-generated content. Additionally, off-topic dialog controls are in place to keep interactions focused and relevant, enhancing the user experience and maintaining the integrity of the conversation.

Tumeryk uses fact-checking alignment scores to identify and mitigate hallucinations, ensuring the accuracy of AI-generated content. Additionally, off-topic dialog controls are in place to keep interactions focused and relevant, enhancing the user experience and maintaining the integrity of the conversation.